Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Happiest Place on Earth

Jimmy John’s posted this on Facebook:
I have to say I agree with her (mostly), but as I was writing a few changes I would make, it ended up being all about Blacksburg- obviously the happiest place in the word.
So here’s my list!
  • El Rods scenario with mexican food, friends, and margaritas. 
  • The new river (or in some cases the pheasant run pool).
  • Sharkey’s patio for happy hour
  • Wine Weds at Boudeaux’s- followed by champs kareokee and/or movies at the lyric.
  • 409 Pheasant Run Crossing
  • Jimmy Johns or Owens breakfast for a last night recap
  • VT Tailgate
  • Roomate bonding over bravo, food network, or a full season of dvds
  • TVC
  • 416 phesant run
Missing Blacksburg so much right now!!!

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