Thursday, August 26, 2010

Football Season is Almost Here.

We’re one week from college football…

Though I’ll be sad to see summer go, I’m very excited for football season. I’m a Virginia Tech alumna and huge Hokie fan. As such, I’ve attended many VT tailgates. There’s nothing better than tailgating, you get to bring all your friends together and entertain only if you want to. Obviously, I love to. I reworked a recipe of my mom’s she coined “Super Bowl Bread” to make an easy hot sandwhich recipe that 99% of tailgater love!
Jess’s Stuffed Bread
1. Pillsbury pizza dough (in the can thing in the refrigerated section next to pre-made cookie dough and biscuits).
2. Stuff- aka meat and cheese you want to stuff with I would say use about a pack of cheese slices and 1/2 a pound of meat (or more depending on how stuffed you want it) from like the deli counter. but usually i get two types of cheese and two types of meat and make two loafs and mix em (like ham and cheddar or turkey and Monterrey jack).
-for the pizza one you need a pack of pepperonis and a pack of sliced mozzerella (way easier than shredded).
3.. one egg whisked

How to:
1. Roll out the pizza dough on a piece of aluminum foil thats about as wide as a baking sheet, into a rectangle about as big as a the cookie sheet. No put a row of sliced meat down the middle (you want it to be about and inch in from each side horizontal and should be the middle third(maybe a little more) vertically). See image attached.
2. Add row of cheese.
3. add another row of meat.
4. add another row of cheese
5. Cut 1.5 inch slits in the dough on the top and bottom.
6. Fold and twist the now panels of dough together so they enclose the stuff and look pretty.
-variation, if you want to do the pizza bread without having sauce to dip in, put the sauce as in layers with cheese and meet, but leave only a couple small gaps in the bread (aka no twists just enclose).
7. egg wash the creation
8. Bake on cookie sheet as directed on the pizza dough can, about 15 mins at 375 or bake until golden, I’ve done two on one tray before and its worked out.
9. Wrap the remaining foil around the bread to keep warmth in and for ease of transportation (only if enjoyed outside of the home where it was baked).
10. Eat!!
*Mom’s original recipe was more like a club sandwich with all types of meat and she used bread dough she made using her bread machine to get the dough right before the point of baking, wrapped the meat as directed, and finished baking in the oven.
Here’s a diagram I made for a friend when I gave her the recipe, it’s no master piece but I think it helps (see below).

Update: Please see a pic of the finished product here!

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