Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hostess Gifts

As you know, Thanksgiving is tomorrow! If you're like me and visiting someone else's house - it's always nice to bring something to contribute.

I'm going to my mothers house and am bringing an appitizer and a dessert - more on that later. However, I know my mom has spent a lot of time, energy, and making this special dinner for us. So just as I would for a less familiar host, I'm bringing a hostess gift.

Hostess gifts can be many things. One of the easiest/traditional is a bottle of wine. You can dress them up in festive gift wrapping (there are some great wine gift boxes at Target) or even in wine bottle outfits. You can make the wine a little more personal by bringing your favorite wine to share, or something local. If you're not sure what to bring, ask the salesman at your local wine store even some local grocery stores have wine experts. (try total wine, Kroger, or Wegmans)

Here are some other ideas from Pier 1.

Some other ideas I've given in the past:

  • Aprons - Try seasonal from William and Sanoma, or vintage hostess aprons (look at places like Homegoods, but for a sure this try Anthropologie).
  • Candy dish - with after dinner mints or seasonal candy. For an Easter dinner I gave a bunny shaped candy dish (from Crate and Barrel) filled with pastel after dinner mints with a condiment spoon for serving. The spoon also adds a little something attached to the bow.
  • Baked Goods - if all else fails an easy dessert or roll that can be enjoyed later (if the hostess already has something planned)

This year I'll be bringing my mom a serving tray. I picked gold because I've chatted with her about the colors she is using on her table, but a neutral color or something season would work too.

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