Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brownies - The Cashmere Sweater

Thanks to the cold and the snow, I've been baking a lot this winter. I found this pic from January's bake-a-thon where I'm showing one of the hostess aprons I got for Christmas (both form Anthropologie) and some brownies I made from scratch! I got a cute new cookbook (also for Christmas) from a great girlfriend. This book is all about which classic desserts match which classic pieces of your wardrobe. The forward is even written by Isaac Mizrahi. It's called Sweet Chic. She won me over when I read the recipe for brownies, "the cashmere sweater" of desserts, and she mentioned that she loves boxed brownies as much as homemade. I liked her brownie recipe because it uses semi-sweet chocolate chips (which I always have on hand)instead of cocoa. The end result was delicious and rich.

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