Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Original Partner in Crime

For her party we made our favorite, funfetti cupcakes!

This weekend we celebrated one of my best friend's 25th birthday party. The best part of her turning a quarter century is that I can officially say I've known her 20 years! She is who I started baking with in her easy bake oven.

Later, we moved on to using a real oven. Once when we were about 10 or 11 we made a chocolate cake. The cake called for a layer/filling of confectioners sugar. Not knowing there was more than just regular granular sugar, we used that. The cake turned out delicious, but with a crunchy middle. Our friends on the street still loved it, and the story turned into a great lesson learned. She's amazing and I'm so lucky we're still friends after all these years.

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