Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jess vs Yeats Rolls -Finally a Win!

I’ve always loooved to bake. Ever since my bff in 5th grade Kay Kay (and still bff btw) and I made cakes in her easy bake oven I’ve loved to bake. I believe I enjoy it more than other types of cooking for 2 reasons: 1. It’s very logical and precise - I have a lot of my dads math brain so I dig that. 2. The results are special. You don’t always have dessert, and 9 times out of 10 you get to share what you’ve baked with others and they are delighted and appreciative for your efforts.
However, I had yet to master a bread with yeast - specifically dinner rolls. My grandmother always made hers from scratch anytime family ate together, even lunch. However, when I asked to learn her expertise, I realized I waited too long. While I’m very lucky she’s still a full box of crayons after 80 years of life, it does make her a little forgetful of ingredients. Last thanksgiving’s attempt at making these rolls was the worst baking mistake since K.K. and I used a layer of granular sugar in a chocolate cake (that is the day I learned the difference between granular and confectioners sugar).
Grandma was convinced we should use waaaaay too much salt than was needed. I never see her persistent like this either, usually she just says my mom knows best. After my mom, who if you haven’t picked it up yet is where I learned everything I know is quite the accomplished cook/baker,advised me start a new batch. Grandma kept tending to hers while my mom tried to balance keeping an eye on her mother and helping me - and I was left to kneed the new dough. The salty dough was never baked and mine came out very dense (I kneaded in too much flower to fight the stickiness). Grandma seemed to have great confidence in me while we waited for mine to rise. She sent me out to buy brown n serve rolls for dinner.
Yesterday, I was struck with the idea that I should try again. I opened “The Joy of Cooking” for instructions, but after reading about how I should find kneading “relaxing and sensual” I closed it. I turned to Williams and Sanoma’s guide to baking instead. While the recipe’s instructions included the use of a stand mixer, I still found them very easy to follow. I waited until this afternoon to finally bake the rolls and the came out pretty well! Needless to say I’m proud of my accomplishment but also very aware of my need of a stand mixer and possibly a bread machine. Who doesn’t love fresh bread?

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  1. Try this beer bread recipe, Jess, I'm kind of obsessed with it.

    And then I tried this french bread recipe the other day and it was easy and AWESOME!