Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cherry Pie

Padre's birthday is this week so we went over to my Folk's house to celebrate. Madre made dinner so I brought dessert. Padre requested cherry pie, so I of course obliged.

The last time I made cherry pie, not coincidentally for my dad, I was around 15 and I used the cherries from the tree in our yard. That tree has since died. Present day, I discovered finding tart cherries is terribly difficult. I could not find any in the produce section or the frozen food section. I settled with canned tart cherries.

The canned cherries were not as good as fresh, but I did save time by not having to remove the pits. The color was more dull, and the flavor was not quite as good as fresh. Next time I'll try a better grocery store before settling.

I actually made 2 desserts. I made a traditional cherry pie - following the recipe from my amazing Williams and Sanoma baking cookbook. The second was a cherry crisp. I used the same recipe for the filling but substituted Splenda granular for the sugar. I made the crisp topping out of Splenda brown sugar blend, margarine, and oats.

Here's a look!

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