Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Red Velvet and Oreo Pie Cupakes!

This week I'm celebrating two birthdays. A lovely coworkers and one of my oldest and dearest friend's Samantha's. I used a cupcake box for the coworker's because she seemed (past tense I hope) to believe that gift wrapping is not fun even for the receiver!

For Samantha's cupcakes I used an easy Oreo Pie recipe (her favorite), but instead of a pie crust, I put Oreos in the bottom of cup cake cups. I froze the 4 I put in the box overnight so they would survive the trip. I brought the others in a cooler. For both sets of cupcakes I used edible glitter instead of sprinkles, but some sprinkles are just as pretty. Also Pictured is her Birthday gift,(using the same black and pink theme) and the original treo :)

Sam's Gift (disco ball is an inside joke, but still cute I think!)

Me, Samantha, and Kathryn - coordination was not on purpose

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  1. my birthday cupcakes were delicious but i hate that picture haha