Thursday, January 20, 2011

Brinner - Breakfast Strombolis

The other day I was craving brinner (breakfast for dinner) and I also wanted to try out an idea I had for breakfast stromboli (so I could simultaneously try the stromboli maker I got for Christmas). They turned out pretty good, though next time I think I'll try it with a different dough, maybe a pie crust or biscuit. The crescent rolls were pretty thing. I'm debating whether or not to post this to Pillsbury recipe contest, I think I can do better.

Breakfast Strombolis

1 roll Pillsburry crescent rolls.
Hand full of fresh spinach
Mixed Italian shredded cheese
Precooked crumbled sausage (precooked saves time and also eliminates excess grease)
Italian seasoning to taste
Garlic to taste

Mix sausage and seasoning. Unroll crescents (keeping them together in one sheet)and cut into circles the size of the stromboli you want. I cut mine with the stromboli maker so it made about 3 using one roll. Layer sausage, cheese, and a couple leafs of spinach on one half of the circle. Dampen the outer rim with water. Fold over and press with a fork to seal. Bake according to crescent directions or until golden brown.

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