Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cupcake Ideas!

I wish I found this last week when trying to think of ideas for cupcakes for my coworker. Reynolds (yes as in the aluminum foil) has a cool create a cup cake feature that lets you pick a cake and how you'll frost and/or decorate it and then gives you the recipe!

What does Reynolds have to do with cupcakes you ask? Well they make all sorts of cupcake liners, including the liners I used last week, the stay brite baking cups. Even when baking red velvet cake, they didn't lose their color or become transparent.

There's a couple ideas here I cannot wait to try!


  1. I would like you to make all of them. Especially the bourbon and dark beer cupcakes. And especially the chocolate and yellow and white ones. But especially the bourbon and dark beer. I need cupcakes.

  2. im definatly gonna have to go to this site...i get bored at home need to find stuff to keep my occupied